Igor has come and gone and left more destruction than Earl. But anything is more than what Earl left, unless you count 3 days of the best weather of the entire summer.

As you’ve likely seen – or experienced – Eastern Newfoundland was pretty hard hit by Hurricane Igor. Lots of people & businesses had lots of damage to their property. One person lost their life.

We were very lucky and escaped relatively unscathed. We lost power for about 4 hours, one small section of our fence fell out (five 1X6 slats), and some blowing debris must have hit our windshield and we have a 6 inch crack along the bottom of the drivers side. So that’s the worst of it, we have to replace our windshield.

Precisely because we’ve had it so easy with this storm we’ve been enjoying it. Or at least I have. But the girls are too. All three of them.

Yup. You read that right. Three girls.

Merrin had her first friend sleep over on Monday night. And then again on Tuesday night. She’s here tonight, and may be here tomorrow night as well.

Our former (and best ever!) tenant was in an accident last week. It was her versus an SUV on a busy street during a dark & gloomy supper rush hour and, well, she lost.

But she could have lost more. And we’re all thankful she didn’t.

While she is recuperating (in the hospital still, for now) and before her mom arrives several of her friends are helping with taking care of her little one.

It’s our turn for this couple of days and we are happy to help out however we can. And Merrin has enjoyed having a buddy around, plus I think she thinks sleeping together on the futon mattress on the floor is pretty cool. Elsa was trying to be bossy with her on the first day, seemingly trying to impose a pecking order but has given up on that hopeless endeavour. Now Elsa has gladly resigned herself to pretending she’s a big girl by running around after the older two, trying to keep up and do whatever they are doing.

Just last week I was whining about how to balance child rearing activities and goals with adult & work responsibilities – and this week we’ve tipped those scales right out of whack.

And we’re still thankful that Igor didn’t demolish our scales altogether.