Before & after supper tonight Merrin was throwing up. It seems that she may have picked up whatever it was Elsa had at the end of last week.

Then going to bed Elsa had a screamfest – and then woke up a couple hours later for another screamfest. I think her week-long runny nose is finally starting to affect her sleep.

But maybe it’s not a true rotting-sesspool of virus and disease that is affecting their bodies.

Perhaps it is excitement and anxiety.

Today I brought the girls to their new daycare. It was just for an hour, but they went into their new classrooms and met their new teachers and played with their new friends.

Elsa was not phased at all – she jumped right in there playing with all the other 2* year olds.

Merrin however was a little more apprehensive. Not at first. At first she was very excited to visit her new daycare. She’s been asking about it for months. But once we got there and she saw the big rooms and the different teachers and all the new kids – well, I think she got overwhelmed and didn’t want me to leave.

I did leave though, and she was fine. I’m expecting her to be sooky and whiny – and maybe even crying a little – when I leave her there on Monday morning, but I’m sure she’ll be fine when I pick her up in the afternoon.

Her best friend Olivia, who she’s been in daycare with since they were 13 months old, also starts her first day at the same daycare on Monday.

Yes, I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine.

*She’s not 2 until Saturday. But she’s practically 2. Right?