(tap tap tap)

Anyone here?

(radio silence)

Anyways, on we go…..

We love eating. And cooking. And drinking. with our meals.

Often I’ll take pictures of the food we make. I post them to my twitter account, and sometimes link a recipe. I enjoy doing this. I’m not sure it’s everyone’s cup of tea but some people like it and I like it too, so there’s that.

So what I’m trying to say is: Here’s some recipes we used this week as inspiration for evening meals – and leftovers to bring to work too!

Cajun Shrimp with Asparagus-Spinach Pesto Pasta

It only took me about 15 minutes the night before to make the pesto. We use an immersion (hand) blender but a food processor should work too. A smaller one if you have it. When we got home the next day it was easy as cooking a pot of pasta (we used the medium-sized shells) while quickly frying the shrimp. Then mix in the pesto once the pasta is cooked, and serve with shrimp on top.

Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Apple Raisin Coleslaw

Another pretty easy meal except this one is even better because it comes very cheap! And delicious to boot! You get a pork shoulder (approx $5-7), a bottle of bbq sauce (Cory makes his own usually, but when time is short), an onion and some buns. You must have a slow cooker. Again something that is not the biggest slowcooker on the market. The pork shoulder should fit in there and enough for the chopped onion and bbq sauce. Put that all in together in the morning and when you get home for supper it’s ready. Well once you physically pull the tender meat apart using two forks. That can be a bit of a pain in the ass. And I only ever did it once. But it’s so worth it. And you get 5-6 sandwiches out of it usually. In our case one each for adults supper & lunch, and one or two for the kids to share.
I used the coleslaw recipe pretty much to a T for the dressing and just cabbage, red delicious apple & raisins for the chunky coleslaw.

Fish Taco’s
Hear me out on this one. Sure it sounds weird, funny, or something else but they are great. It’s homemade fish sticks in a corn tortilla. You can use the cabbage & lime as the recipe suggests and if you are going to do that (it’s delicious) I would suggest you buy a soft cabbage such as chinese cabbage. If you don’t want the cabbage & lime then salsa & sour cream work well too.
Oh, and definitely get the corn tortillas, and not the wheat ones.

Let me know what you think. If you think you’d try any of them. And of course if you do you definitely have to let me know.